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#reusetues – Tennis Balls

29 Mar

Spring is in the air (literally – my allergies have never been worse!), so lots of people will be taking to their outdoor hobbies or getting into some spring cleaning. Tennis balls seem to be that one item that you can find by the dozens during a hearty garage cleaning. At my family’s house, we could never have enough tennis balls, seeing as we had a dog and a brother/dad who’d use them for batting drills. But you and yours might not be strange like my family, so let’s get cracking to some solutions for those neon green fuzzballs.


  • Dogs + tennis balls = natural pair. See if your local shelter/rescue will accept tennis ball donations. It’ll keep the pups happily occupied until they find their forever home.
  • A senior citizen or nursing home. Why, you ask? Haven’t you seen the folks rolling dirty with their tennis ball-adjusted walkers?  It’s the best hack ever created for walkers – slice & put tennis balls on the bottom of the walker feet so it will slide better (for those who aren’t strong enough to lift).

Rolling dirty with a tennis ball walker

  • Local schools. Because of the same hacking concept as the walkers, but with desks & chairs. The sound of chairs scraping the floor is only worse than nails on a chalkboard (cringing now).
  • After-school programs, summer camp and sports programs. Chances are, the tennis pros-in-training have lots of tennis balls that go missing daily. Keep them stocked.
  • There are a few national and international nonprofits that will take product donations, including Sports Gift.


  • Massage, anyone? Put a tennis ball under your foot and roll it around to relieve foot pain. Or give yourself a back massage (this one’s a little more tricky).
  • If you have trouble opening jars, cut a tennis ball in half and use to pry open those stubborn lids.
  • Keep your laundry fluffy by using a few (clean) balls in the dryer, especially if it’s a down feather coat/comforter.
  • Tie one to a string in the garage to help with pulling your ride in without taking out the wall.
  • Keep your camera steady with this tennis ball tripod.
  • Check out these other lists of uses for tennis balls (10 uses, 21 usesand 50 uses), that include a cell phone case, puppets, water guns and headphones.

What alternative or philanthropic uses have you found for tennis balls?