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#reusetues – bottle caps

26 Apr

Apparently the cool thing to do in my apartment is take a beer bottle cap and pop it into my pretty potpourri in a vase in the kitchen. Now there’s this awkward metal layer on top of my attempt of domestic goodiness, so I figured I might as well see if there’s another use for these cramping-my-style bottle caps.

All my domestic goddess attempts trumped by bottle caps


  • Maybe Miller (or another read: better beer) will pull through with another promotion like the 2008 summer bottle cap drive. Every Miller Lite bottle cap mailed in during its “Better. Bolder. Summer.” promotion turned into a ten-cent donation for MDA. A summer’s worth of beer caps could be a small fortune, but Miller donated its max amount of $100,000.
  • One of my favorite skin & hair care lines (AVEDA) acknowledged the number of plastic caps filling landfills, in turn creating an ongoing nationwide bottle cap drive with schools. Rumor has it you can donate at any retail location as well.
  • Drop off your caps (yogurt & hummus, too!) at Whole Foods before restocking your place. In partnership with Preserve (which is underwrote by some eco-smart companies like Brita, Stonyfield Yogurt, Seventh Generation and Tom’s of Maine),thee recycled plastic is turned into goods for your home, kitchen and personal needs (shop away!)

Inspired yet? (via theawesomer)


  • According to every major retailer, it’s never too early to start thinking about the holiday season. It’s always too early for me, but if it’s your cup of tea, fulfill your Christmas spirit by making these bottle cap Christmas tree decorations. I think they’re tacky, but that goes for most of December in my book…
  • Make your fridge wear its heart (errr… insides) in its sleeve by making up some bottle cap magnets.
  • Give your jewelry family a more eclectic cousin with these bottle cap pendants.
  • If you won the mock elections for “most patient” and “most artistic”, well do I have the project for you. The extravagant bottle cap art in this WebUrbanist piece will blow your flipping mind. We’re talking full-on recreating of Starry Night using the cap to your last drink.
  • Apparently some artists are already taking to the streets with their bottle cap art. Find something you fancy via Nanchez Bottle Cap Art (and they’ll take your mailed in caps too!)
Any other uses, beverage-swigging friends?

#reusetues – Your typical purchases for Japanese relief efforts

22 Mar

I was going to blog about a typical item you could DIY/donate, but there’s a need to consolidate all of the socially-charged consumer efforts for Japanese tsunami & earthquake relief. I know I’m a little late to the game, but momentum seems to be fading out but there is still a major need for resources. I encourage you to add any offers to the comments section below – they can be local or worldwide, one-day only or ongoing.

I’m going to continue to add to this list as more stuff comes my way. Here’s what I’ve heard of thus far:


Rue La La and Tory Burch are teaming up for Japan and opening a special online boutique, with 100 percent of net proceeds go to the American Red Cross. You’ll need to be a member of Rue La La to shop; you can use my new patron link to join. Starts 3 p.m. EST, March 22.

Kate Spade created a great custom tote at an unheard of price ($18). All proceeds from the tote will go to the Japanese Red Cross. According to the company’s Twitter feed, the tote isn’t on pre-sale yet, so keep an eye on their page to be the first to know. Sale TBD.

Sample sales for Japan! Philip Lim 3.1 is hosting a rare public sale at the Philip Lim Showroom in NYC, with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross. March 24 & 25, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Ralph Lauren also turned what he does best – polos – into a humanitarian effort. Buy the Japan Hope Polo ($98-110) and 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the Central Community Chest of Japan (part of the United Way Worldwide network). Ongoing.

The Salvation Army has a $20 graphic tee called “Army For Japan” that’s currently on pre-order. The $20 shirt will fully benefit the organization’s relief efforts in Japan. Pre-order through March 30.

Love.Care.Japan sums up this woman’s shirt. $20 going straight to Japan with your purchase.

Feeling mighty? Mighty Detroit created a special Mighty Japan shirt, with all $28 going to recovery efforts overseas. Ongoing.

Love.Care.Japan - $20

FOOD and other goods

Sprinkles Cupcakes (with locations across the US, and one conveniently down the street from me in Beverly Hills) will donate 100 percent of Red Cross Velvet Cupcake sales to the American Red Cross, all day March 22.

A New Jersey concert venue has turned sold-out shows into a fundraising opportunity. Tickets & a meet and greet with artists of upcoming sold out shows at Starland Ballroom (Coheed & Cambria and My Chemical Romance are two of the half dozen offered) are up for grabs in an online auction, and all proceeds going to Nippon. Auction ends March 24 at 3 p.m. EST.

A Supercross or FMX fan? Bid on this autographed BikeBandit.com jersey. You guessed it – the money goes to disaster relief. Auction ends March 31.

Get your geek on? Purchase one of O’Reilly Media’s “Deal of the Day” at a discount and all proceeds (minus author royalities) will go to the Japanese Red Cross. March 22, all day.

Help the animals of Japan too. Boogie Wonderland (an etsy store) is donating all proceeds from select magnet sales to various animal-related causes in Japan. Ongoing.

Lots of other etsy sellers are donating a portion or all proceeds from sales to Japanese relief efforts. Feed though the items and see if something is a fit for you.

Lots of etsy merchants dedicate proceeds to Japan