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#reusetues: Jars, Cans, Jugs

31 May

Today’s post comes from the only other person I’ve ever heard of using the hashtag #reusetues — Tonia of Ā IttyBittyImpact (fittingly @ittybittyimpact on Twitter). Naturally, we wanted to compose a guest post for each other. Thank you Tonia for your patience while falling victim to WordPress glitches, my travel schedule AND new job — y’all should have been reading this a few weeks ago. On with it…

How many times have you thrown out or recycled a mason jar {we buy jams and preserves from a local farm and they use mason jars for the packaging, so we have a plethora of empty jars in our house}, an aluminum soup or coffee can, or a plastic milk jug? Probably many, many times. But next time you’re about to, think twice! These common containers can be turned into cute and useful NEW THINGS!

Mason jars make excellent food storage containers. The bigger the mason jar, the better. I store all our leftovers in half-gallon jars. The lid closes nice and tight, so the leftovers last longer in the fridge. They’re easy to clean out afterward, and there’s no nasty toxins from plastic seeping into your food! I squirm at the thought of storing food in plastic Ziplock containers…after those things have been washed so many times, the plastic starts to break down. šŸ˜¦ But there’s nothing to worry about with glass containers! The Decorated Cookie has a nifty blog post about packing lunches/picnics in mason jars.

Ā Aluminum soup and coffee cans make adorable planters for your herbs, veggies, and flowers. You could paint them cheery colors, or let them rust for an industrial-chic look. Gardening with Mo Gilmer has a post with examples here.











And last but not least, this clever tutorial shows you how to turn an old milk jug into a nifty reusable lunch sack! So easy!

Get out there are start reusing, folks! There is just no end to the ways we can create less waste around the house by being creative, resourceful and thoughtful.

-Tonia of Itty Bitty Impact {Check out her other ReuseTues posts here}