#reusetues – banana peels

19 Apr

Maybe I was eating a banana, or dreaming of chocolate-covered bananas from Trader Joe’s. It might have been the awkward monkey-like atmosphere along Hollywood & Highland I got to experience today. Or maybe it was a recent post by Apartment Therapy about cleaning silver with banana peels that caught my attention.

Either way, I am now determined to find ways to use banana peels (outside of Mario Kart). Donating? Not so much. Let’s just focus on the DIY and reusable aspect of this week’s hot topic.

An IRL Mario Kart banana peel for your car, via Etsy.

  • Got a green thumb? Even if you’re not the best gardener, make your garden blossom by chopping up banana peel and planting in the soil. It’s a bio-degradable potassium booster for your to-be luscious plants.
  • Maybe you’re more of an indoor plant owner instead. Rub the inside of the peel on your plant leaves to wipe away dust and shine them up.
  • Get your body in tip-top shape. Remove warts or reduce bug bite swelling by taping the inside of a peel to it until it’s gone, remove splinters with the same taping trick (supposedly, the splinter will fall out) and wipe the inside of a banana peel along your teeth for a few weeks for a brighter (and whiter) smile.
  • Shine your shoes with the inside of a peel for instant spiffiness.
  • Foodies, let the gift of yums keep on giving. Make your own banana peel vinegar or use the peels like you would leaves for meat tenderization.
Any other crazy uses for banana peels out there? Share them!

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