#reusetues – plastic bags

15 Mar

Being on the #chevysxsw Road Trip Challenge was my focus last Tuesday, so I’ve already missed one #reusetues. Being tired, delusional and slightly unsure of what day (or month) it is, I didn’t want to go two for two on this one.

Flaking out on your own blog back-to-back isn’t a good record to have.

Something I always enjoyed were the ten tips on the plastic bags at Target for reuse inspiration. Staring at the one Target bag we have in our hotel room right now, they cut it down to only five points. I guess providing advice on redneck water balloons was no longer up the store’s alley.

Naturally, there’s a lot more reusable tips for plastic bags than the ten provided. Share them if you have them. My tip? Don’t use them. If I have time to bore everyone later, we have some funny stories about plastic bags from our trip out to SXSW. Until then, share your reuse or recycle tips.

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