#reusetues – Books

1 Mar

I cringe writing this post. Books should be books, right? A recent tweet from a friend back in Detroit slapped me with the reality that Kindles and Nooks really are starting to make people second guess why they have a monster bookcase taking up space when everything fits into that little magical tablet.

So today, I begrudgingly accept the fact that books might need a second life, whether through donating or DIYing. Here goes…

Make the pages come to life!


  • SO MANY PLACES take book donations. We’re talking hospitals, prisons, libraries, local nonprofit resale stores, schools (assuming the material is audience-appropriate), homeless shelters, womens’ shelters and even to the troops overseas. If you need help finding a place to donate, let me help you out.
  • If you have lots of books about a specific topic or genre, hone in on what audiences would benefit from your collection and ask if they’d like it. Chances are, if you’re toting around a stellar collection on plants, a local nature center or science group would be interested in taking those off your hands.


Edit: Maybe it’s sheer coincidence, but the same guy who inspired today’s post also just became a daddy. Congrats Henry & Angela! Check out the Lion King-style photo of him with Baby Charlotte.


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